Bitcoin Gambling Reviews

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Bitcoin Casinos

More Bitcoin Casinos are starting to appear as the Bitcoin becomes more popular, it is important and I can not stress this enough, to review each Bitcoin Casino site before registering. Bitcoins are a relatively new currency so it is critical when investing or gambling, you choose the most respected site available. We have already heard of players having problems with getting their money off certain casinos and not being paid out, we have also heard of owners stopping communication and disappearing. When selecting an online Bitcoin Casino it’s key to review Casinos history and reputation. Try to avoid new sites that appear and do not have strong financial backing behind them, our Bitcoin Casino reviews will hopefully help.


Bitcoin Poker

Bitcoin Poker has 3 respected sites, only one to date is offering 100% Bitcoin only players and it so far is dominating in the market. The name is Betcoin, they understand what players like and what is important. We have written a detailed Betcoin Review with thorough facts and information which will help you understand what is on offer.


Another Bitcoin Poker site is Fortunejack. Players can play with Bitcoins as well as regular cash. It is also a great way to get into the Bitcoin market. In some cases Fortunejack will allow you to deposit and play with altcoins, then withdraw with Bitcoins. We have a great Fortunejack Bitcoin Review that explains all the extensive promotions and bonuses available.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a digital currency that uses peer to peer transactions to operate. When depositing and withdrawing Bitcoins to and from a Bitcoin Casino or Bitcoin Poker room all payments are free of charge. Bitcoins enables secure and instant transfers worldwide through your Bitcoin Wallet. Like all money, you need to have a wallet, Bitcoins is no different, there are many choices of Bitcoin wallets online but you definitely want to choose the most secure.

There are 3 types of wallets, Software Wallets, Mobile Wallets and Web Wallets, it is pretty easy to understand. The Software wallets are installed onto your computer, you have full control over this type of wallet but you also are required to do your own backups and protect your money. Here is a great appl for Windows, Mac or Linus systems called Bitcoin-Qt.

Mobile wallets are available on your Mobile phone, you can make transfers on the go and also purchase goods by scanning your QR code. The most popular Bitcoin Wallet for Android works on your phone and Tablet devices.

Web wallets are probably the most popular Bitcoin Wallets as they are easy to use, you can access them anywhere but please remember to look for a secure and trusted Web Wallet because they hold your hard earned Bitcoin money.